Lives were truly touched this past weekend at the Retreat hosted by the Charleston Leadership Foundation. Held April 7-9, 2017 at St Christopher on Seabrook Island.

Ed Kobel & Jon Farris led us through three sessions over the weekend of Abiding in the Vine, Hearing God’s Voice. We were so fortunate to have Ed Kobel return to Charleston to teach us how to hear the voice of God that he spoke about at the Prayer Breakfast in Nov. 2016. I think we all came into this weekend not knowing how deeply the Holy Spirit would work inside of us. We learned how to hear God’s voice through scripture and cross-reference, journaling and note cards that was so very profound. Plus, St Christopher is such a holy place and the Lord’s presence is so clearly felt there.

Some of the comments:

“It was life changing for me!  I am looking forward to a much more fruitful walk with the Lord, abiding in the vine.”

“As participants I think we all came away with something quite special. There can be no doubt that we were Blessed with His presence.”

“This retreat was so applicable, so amazing, so deep, great tool to grow closer to God, so connecting with the Holy Spirit!”

“Very helpful, very intimate & insightful… hope to use it all the time.”

“Extremely Beneficial”

“Thought the program was superb.”


Kathryn Krogh