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New this Year…

CLF is Forming a Relationship with Alpha SC

& some local leaders!


Margaret Cotton from Alpha South Carolina will be helping Kathryn with the follow-up of people who attend the Prayer Breakfast on October 11 and fill out the Spiritual Journey section of the Response cards located at each seat. We are honored to be able to offer the opportunity for more information from Margaret who is so experienced in helping people in their first steps as a Christian as well as educating people already in the Christian faith. Alpha will be one of options we will have available this year to help people in their Spiritual Journey. We will also have some experienced Christian leaders who will be volunteering their time to talk to folks that would like to speak with someone. Our goal is to help you and the guests at your tables develop a closer relationship with Christ and assist in finding a church home if one is needed.

Our options for this year:

• If You Accepted Christ for the First time at the Prayer Breakfast? We will have an experienced Christian leader call you, if you note that you would like a call.

• Want to speak with someone about having a personal relationship with Christ? We will have an experienced Christian leader call you, if you note that you would like a call.

• Want someone to pray with you? We will have an experienced Christian leader call you, if you note that you would like a call..

• Want to learn more about the Christian faith? You will be contacted by Alpha.

• Want to find a church home? You will be contacted by CLF.

• Have a prayer request? Write your request on the Response Card and we will have our team pray for your request.


Margaret Cotton is the Alpha Regional Director for South Carolina, she lives in the Charleston area.


What is Alpha?

Got Questions about Life? Everyone should have the chance to explore the Christian faith, ask questions and share their point of view.


Whether you are seeking to explore the faith for the first time, have been in church your whole life or are somewhere in between, Alpha gives you a chance to ask your questions in a safe and non-judgmental atmosphere.


The Alpha Course is a non-denominational series of 15 interactive sessions exploring the Christian faith, that typically run over nine to eleven weeks. Alpha is offered in approximately 12 different churches in the Charleston area. Each talk looks at a different question around faith and is designed to create conversation. Over 29 million people in 169 countries have participated in Alpha. Courses are free and include a meal, a talk and a small group discussion. If your church is interesting in offering Alpha, please contact Margaret Cotton Office 843.971.1893, Cell 843.729.1676,

The latest version of Alpha was filmed around the world. Here’s a preview: