God in the Workplace was born out of a challenge set forth by Henry Blackaby in 2008 when he spoke at a Lifeworks event here in Charleston, SC.  He challenged the room full of business leaders regarding the ministry field.  He witnessed that ministry to people and leading others to Christ would be taking place in the workplace.  He challenged those in the room to take that vision and walk it out here in Charleston.  A couple of those present at this meeting felt the tug of God on their heart and formed the group of God in the Workplace.

God in the Workplace is a series of monthly workshops offered 8 months of the year that explores how you, as a business leader, can be inspired to learn how your relationship with God can be used to positively affect your business and personal environments.  These monthly workshops draw from the insights of academics and Christian business leaders as they help other Christian business leaders to integrate practices in their business to honor God in the workplace.

Learning to see God’s activity in your work will help you view the corporate office as a mission field rather than a mine field. Being prepared for God to speak to you. Knowing what he intends for your life will revolutionize the way you approach your business.

As a Christian business person, you live in a corporate pressure cooker. Yet, you want your life to affect more than your company’s bottom line. You want to hear what God says about leading your business. You want to use your business skills to strengthen your church.  God in the Workplace has a vision of equipping business leaders to do exactly that. Knowing what God intends for your business life will transform the way you approach business.

Meetings rotate between two locations – Downtown area – Harbour Club, 35 Prioleau St, Charleston, SC and N. Charleston area – Charleston Southern University, 9200 University Blvd., Charleston, SC.  The meetings are from 715am to 845am serving a full breakfast.  We partner with Lifeworks and Charleston Leadership Foundation to coordinate schedules, thus Lifeworks meets three months out of the year and Charleston Leadership foundation meets once a year.  If you would like further information please visit God in the Workplace website at www.godintheworkplace.com or contact Terry Melkus at 843-693-0396.