Kanika Moore

Singing Talent for the 17th Annual Charleston Leadership Prayer Breakfast

Born and raised in Charleston, South Carolina Kanika “Kay Kay” Moore was raised in a large family deeply rooted in passionate musical appreciation and education.

The foundation of her music heritage began on the wings of her family church’s youth choir, grew through grade school and her knowledge expanded throughout college.

In 2011, Kanika Moore entered the theater program in Columbia, South Carolina and from there started her journey as a singer/songwriter with her first duo, “Major to Minor.” “Major to Minor” boasted of soulful tunes in harmony with intimate lyrics.

Working her way through community theater and with East Coast Entertainment, she worked as  a full-time student, established herself as a community theater actress, vocal instructor, and a working musician/vocalist. In 2015, her work as a musician expanded back into her hometown.

Since, Ms. Moore has worked with The Charleston Jazz Orchestra, Emerald Empire, Gino Castillo, featuring strings and salsa, and several other established groups/musicians in the local Charleston area.

Her versatility has allowed her to work with several bands that cover many genres including gospel, classic rock, funk, soul, jazz and more. It has also opened doors to traveling as far as Spain and Italy with international musicians.

Currently, Kanika continues to thrive in her hometown kicking off new projects with Terraphonics, The Motown Throwdown, Soul Funk Review, Doom Flamingo, Black Noize and more continue to be explored.

Check out her website: kanikamoore.com