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Kathleen Cooke

From Success To Significance

November 2013

Seacoast Church

How do you break though past experiences, failures, and life’s ongoing challenges?
How can we ignore the daily distractions that keep us from living a life of significance?  What’s holding us back, dragging us down and why are we always hiding and withdrawing?  In this important session, learn how you can beat the “shame game” and rise above challenges, failures, and disappointments into joy, peace, and contentment.  Start the journey to discovering your purpose.


A media professional, former award winning actress, and international speaker Kathleen Cooke is a founding partner and Vice President at Cooke Pictures, (cookepictures.com), where she is a key creative leader and oversees casting for all major projects. She co-directed the Biola Media Conf. 2007 – 2011 at CBS Studios, and  is presently an adjunct at Asbury University. Most recently, she co-directed the new national Ascend Women’s Conference ascendconference.org in LA speaking and hosting a leading Hollywood panel of celebrity guests. She’s on the advisory board for the Hollywood Prayer Network, and Hollywood Connect & directed Christian Women In Media/ West Coast/Hollywood from 2011- 2013.  She, along with her husband Phil, have a nonprofit called The Influence Lab, (influencelab.com), focusing on redefining the international misson strategy in the digital age. She is the editor of the monthly Influence Women Newsletter and you can read her blog at kathleencooke.com where she speaks on developing, connecting and inspiring Christian women working in media and entertainment.