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LifeWorks is affiliated with the Charleston Leadership Foundation and serves as a conduit for Christian professionals seeking to successfully apply their faith in the marketplace, providing education and encouragement through a commitment to bible teaching and quality programming. CLF was an early supporter of LifeWorks and continues to work closely with them on common initiatives.



The LifeWorks organization was birthed out of a desire of the Founding Board members, Bobby Medlin, Wayne Cassaday, John Duncan, Kim Scarborough, and Jody Gouge, to take the concept of the annual Charleston Prayer Breakfast and provide a quarterly event to encourage and equip Christian Professionals.  In November 2003 this vision became a reality to create an environment for the Christian Professionals to share experiences, challenges, and opportunities.  The initial vision was to connect Christian Professionals in a way that would facilitate growth in faith and share the Good News of Jesus Christ with others in the marketplace.  The goals were to encourage, challenge, and facilitate Biblical principles in our circles on influence in the marketplace.  The mode to accomplish these goals was primarily through speakers who had experience sharing their faith in the marketplace and could encourage the Christian professional.



The vision of LifeWorks of Charleston has not changed, however God has birthed a desire to better connect the marketplace, churches, and other non-profits through the unity of Jesus Christ.  The quarterly event to bring Christians Professionals together to be encouraged in their faith by a speaker that communicates and exhibits a marketplace faith message is a great catalyst.  However, the desire of LifeWorks is to better connect individuals to groups and organizations throughout the Charleston community to encourage marketplace believers to walk out their faith in the community.  This movement is being realized through an expansion of the Board to better define roles and functions which allow Board Members to function in their areas of expertise and passion.  In addition, a better established legal structure, new web site, and the expansion of the Board to recruit members based on competency as well as a heart for God.  This document is the beginning of this journey as we pray God will give us the wisdom and guidance to illuminate His plan before us.



The Organizational Identity is articulated through the vision, mission, values, and brand by which the organization will be known.  Many organizations have developed vision, mission, and value statements, but the Organizational Identity must be more than just a nice sounding statement used for marketing purposes or the result of the latest business trend which states all good organizations have them.  The Organizational identity is a critical component in the development process because it provides the foundation by which the organization is built.  The following sub-sections state the Vision, Mission, Values, and Statement of Belief for Lifeworks of Charleston:



The vision established by the original founders of Lifeworks of Charleston is:

“LifeWorks will be a conduit for Christian professionals seeking to successfully apply their faith in the marketplace, providing education and encouragement through a commitment to biblical teaching and quality programming.”



The mission established by the original founders of Lifeworks is:

In being a conduit, not just a stand-alone quarterly event, LifeWorks wishes to serve those seeking to connect and grow in their walk with Christ.   With this in mind, we will point out various opportunities in the Charleston Community.  These opportunities will be other local groups/organizations, events, books, and websites centered around the LifeWorks theme which seeks to explore our roles and responsibilities as Christian leaders in the marketplace.


1.3.3    CORE VALUES

The Lifeworks Core Values consists of the following non-negotiable foundation by which the organization is built:

1) Christ – Jesus Christ is the cornerstone by which the Lifeworks of Charleston organization is built and it is Christ who is to be glorified through all that is done and accomplished through the organization.

2) Calling – The understanding that our calling is from God, whether a business person, CEO, entrepreneur, laborer, stay at home mom, pastor, or missionary.  The work we do with our hands is sacred and is worship unto God.  Lifeworks will work to encourage and promote the understanding of Calling in the Charleston Area.

3) Church – The Church of Jesus Christ is made up of the universal body of believers which reflect different denominations, ministries, and organizations.  Lifeworks will work with and through the Charleston area Churches to encourage and support the marketplace believers.

4) Community – Lifeworks will support and connect the Community of Charleston through various organizations which benefit the Community.