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CLF and the Post and Courier Good Cheer Fund

Answering Prayers by Answering Needs.
Have a Need? Know Someone Who Has A Need? 
Contact us about needs you know of over the holidays for Individuals or families so we can bring them some good cheer. Click here for an application form.
Consider Donating to the Good Cheer Fund to Spread Some Christmas Joy 
Give to the Post and Courier Good Cheer Fund this holiday season. Click Here.
We are honored to join the Good Cheer Fund in helping provide for individuals’ needs during the holiday season. CLF was founded in 2002 in order to bring together local Christian leaders to minister to the community and change lives. Participating with Good Cheer Fund to identify needs and help respond to them is directly in line with our mission. Over the years, our focus has been on prayer for people and our community, especially building community bonds across diverse cultural lines, evident even among Christians.
Now, CLF will also be helping people more directly with their physical needs, needs that are no doubt being lifted to the Lord in prayer by individuals and families – “Answering Prayers by Answering Needs.”