Feb 12, 2008

Wayne Huizenga, Jr., Interview, Part 1

Wayne Huizenga, Jr., is President of Huizenga Holdings, Inc., a diversified company that owns the Miami Dolphins of the National Football League and Dolphin Stadium in South Florida and manages billions of dollars of investments in real estate, marinas, and boat-related businesses.

Wayne, you came to know Jesus as Lord in 2001. How did that impact your life?

I had no idea what I was in for when I fell to my knees at this church I’d never been to. I was crying like one of my children! I used to go to a lot of parties, and often I would wake up with a hangover and heartache.

A wonderful mentor told me, “You feel that way because Christ wants to live inside you more fully through the Holy Spirit.” After my conversion, when I became president of our holdings company, I remember him saying, “You have an incredible opportunity to start fresh with Christ. Let everybody know what you stand for and that you believe these are God’s assets.” Read more-